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 – The Visionary

(June 21. – July 22.)

Characteristics: cardinal feminine water sign ruled by the Moon. Cancer connects initiative of the cardinal sign, sensitiveness and adaptability of the water element and the maternal values of the Moon. Cancer has a perceptive, careful and often fragile (moody) nature overly craving for safety and emotional closeness.

Key words: FEEL, CARE

Temperament: phlegmatic

Symbolic picture: rain, moisture

Zodiac phase: 4th – evaluation

In humanistic astrology Cancer represents the principle of growth, concentrating the energy into a closely defined area (ex. family). Integration is his mission.

Complementary opposite sign: Capricorn

Relationships with other signs: Cancer is compatible with other water signs – Pisces and Scorpio, he can establish a friendly relationship with Taurus and Virgo but there is tension between him and other cardinal signs – Libra and Aries.

Nature: People born under the sign of Cancer are usually strongly emotionally based, they need to find a shelter that would protect them from the roughness of the surrounding world. Usually their family and home become this shelter. Because of their fragility they are very sensitive to any changes which explains their moodiness. Great perceptivity makes Cancer people good observers and a large amount of impressions that penetrate them also influence these people. They usually tend to stick on their origin or past which may make them drown in their memories - in the better case, they lean on them and draw inspiration from them. Adapting to reality is very difficult for the Cancer people. If they find the reality too rough they would probably escape into a dream world which is quite dangerous because it causes secretiveness and general passivity in their lives. They may make the impression of being indifferent or lax. Because of this tendency to live in an inner world of dreams and illusions Cancer carries the burden of nostalgy for his childhood which was sort of a lost homeland for him. He is usually ambitious and demanding but his path to the goals is never straight. Under a disguise of hardness and inaccessibility there is the soft and vulnerable inside - just as in a real cancer. If something bewilders him, he withdraws deeper into his shell. The Cancer connects all the best aspects of a maternity life therefore he is very careful and snuggling to other people. Because of strong emotional fluctuation he has difficulties in controlling his moods. He tries to protect himself from the sadness by surrounding himself with people and keeping them close with his carefulness. The Cancer feels attracted to the weaker and likes to offer them his help. His adaptability and susceptibility to being controlled by someone else may have its negative side which may result in a catastrophe in case he gets into a bad company. The Cancer tends to act in a childish way. Since he is usually very coy and shy he has difficulties to win the recognition in a company which he is not familiar with. Good intuition can protect him from it as far as he listens to it. Cancer may suffer from melancholy and depression.

Appearance: pale skin, full round face, dreamy glance, small green or light blue eyes, medium but round figure, upper body parts developed better (often a distinctive chest), weak physical construction, pug nose, distinctive mouth, thin dark brown hair, sometimes freckles and ginger hair, thick hairs (valid mostly in case there is an ascendant, although each person reflects several elements from whole horoscope. Appearance may be significantly changed by the characteristics of the ascendant planet).

Body: stomach, lower lungs, pleura, middle ribs, breasts, breastbone, diaphragm.

Predispositions to diseases: gastric problems, ulcers, phobias, metabolic disorders, hydrocephalia.

Professional dispositions: occupations requiring fantasy and imagination – illlustrator, photographer, clown, architect or any job in the movie industry; occupations connected with home, family and children – pediatrician, babysitter, teacher, trainer, housemaid, real estate broker, construction planner or worker; occupations connected with history and traditions – historician, geologist, archeologist, archivist, antiquarian bookseller, museum worker; jobs in gastronomy and catering.

Fatal influence: the analogy of the 4th House of the individual horoscope – general influence on real estates, family (mainly the mother), home, homeland, old age and financial background in the end of life.

Famous personalities: Carlos Santana

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