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Mercury Retrograde

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Void of Course Moon

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Free Horoscope for the Year 2013

What astrological constellations will affect us this year? » more

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 – The Sycophant

(December 22. – January 20.)

Characteristics: cardinal feminine earth sign ruled by Saturn. Capricorn connects the progressivity of the cardinal sign, expediency and pragmatism of the earth sign with ambitiousness of the planet Saturn. Capricorn has ambitious, disciplined nature with stubborn behaviour focused on winning recognition in his life.

Key words: REACH, FOCUS

Temperament: melancholic

Symbolic picture: stone, rock

Zodiac phase: 10th – reassessment

In humanistic astrology Capricorn represents reaching a particular social status and spiritual identity.

Complementary opposite sign: Cancer

Relationships with other signs: Capricorn is compatible with other earth signs – Taurus and Virgo, he can establish a friendly relationship with Pisces and Scorpio but there is tension between him and other cardinal signs – Aries and Libra.

Nature: People born under the sign of Capricorn love order and exact schedules. They emit little warm-heartedness and often they give the impression of aloofness and inapproachability. This may be caused by their effort to remain strong. Being appreciated by the others is what they wish the most and they usually consider it more important than closeness and privacy of a friendly connection. They make a lot of effort in order to reach as high social status as possible while using the diplomas and brands to disguise their deeply rooted inferiority complex. If the society appreciates them, their self-confidence grows quickly. Capricorn is ambitious, tenacious, practical, tough, economic, responsible and cold-blooded, they posses good planning skills and the sense of duty and restriction. On the other hand, he may be overly emulous, selfish, unmerciful, cold and may incline to melancholy or sadism. Since Capricorn prefers old and well-established methods he is usually quite conservative, too. He achieves success thanks to his great effort and tireless strenuousness, seldom it is the result of his good luck. He tries to take as much as possible out of any situation, therefore he may be considered to be an opportunist. Capricorn is always grounded, he dislikes dreaming away. He is characterised by his long-term psychics which enables him to be one of the most patient and obstinate beings on the Earth. His plans are mature, deliberate and well-planned, Capricorn continues to work steadily until the work is finished. This stubborn temperament does not react to any immediate stimuli, no abrupt delusions can disturb him or lead him away from the path he has chosen. His conceptions and principles are usually harsh. Capricorn lacks adaptability and likes to surround himself with fixed schemes and structures. He can seldom make people like him spontaneously. This aloofness sometimes puts him into some kind of sniffy isolation. He desires for power but it is just because he thinks he cannot really become part of the world around him. Behind this stoic and harsh behaviour there is often the sharp and painful sensitivity of a person who cannot express his emotions and feelings.

Appearance: serious strict glance, long and thin face and neck, long chin, thin moustache, thin lips, dark or black curly hair, long nose, hard profile, deep facial wrinkles, slim or even thin figure, short not very well-built body, weak knees, gait abnormalities (valid mostly in case there is an ascendant, although each person reflects several elements from whole horoscope. Appearance may be significantly changed by the characteristics of the ascendant planet).

Body: joints, bones, ligaments, knees, skin.

Predispositions to diseases: joint pains, gout, incorrect posture, knee swellings, rheum, skin diseases.

Professional dispositions: scientific jobs requiring accuracy – scholar, mathematician, biologist, programmer, bookkeeper, archaeologist, archivist; occupations connected with analysis and control – accountant, controller, tax expert, administrator, politician; work with ground or construction – architect, property developer, earthwork engineer, peasant, geodesist, construction worker, miner; artistic jobs – critics, writer, director and actor for special roles.

Fatal influence: The analogy of the 10th House of the individual horoscope – general influence on occupation, career progress, social status, reputation, father, the final part of the life.

Famous personalities: Faye Dunaway

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horoscopehoroscopehoroscope The number of thefts and the amount of violence will increase with the strengthened lust for money. The tendency to gamble and behave in an eccentric way increases the possibility of accidents and injuries.

horoscopehoroscopehoroscope Difficulties in communication and the cumbersome thinking will trigger misunderstandings. Be prepared for delays in personal transport (e.g. traveling) or information management. Be careful about the sophisticated people. Do not sign anything important!!!

horoscopehoroscopehoroscope These days are characterised by unpredictable twists. People will tend to go beyond the borders. The rebellious mood of the people will aggravate many authorities. Possible rise of extremism and triggering of the radical powers.

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