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 – The Sovereign One

(July 23. – August 22.)

Characteristics: masculine fiery sign ruled by the Sun. Leo connects the resistance of the fixed sign, self-confidence and energy of the fiery sign with the penetrating power of the Sun. Leo has a vigorous, playful and proud nature, tries to attract the attention and perceives the world as a large theatrical stage.


Temperament: slightly choleric

Symbolic picture: shine, light

Zodiac phase: 5th - expression

In humanistic astrology Leo symbolises dramatic expression of one's own personality – a tool of winning recognition in the society.

Complementary opposite sign: Aquarius

Relationships with other signs: Leo is compatible with other fiery signs – Aries and Sagittarius, he can establish a friendly relationship with Gemini and Libra but there is tension between him and other fixed signs – Taurus and Scorpio.

Nature: Leo is usually a classic individualistic loner who wants to live his own life and is not willing to subject to anyone. He thinks he is special and unique and does not like being assessed the way the common people are. Leo is characterised by noble, generous, proud and self-confident behaviour, but on the other hand he may be big-headed, vain, autocratic, bossy and egocentric. With this royal and heroic character, he is very demanding either with himself or with the others. Although he need not be as noble and honest as they say, he tries to keep his gloss at least on the outside and he recoils from any ugliness, hypocrisy and fraud. He loves his close ones heartily and warmly but he usually admires and loves himself even more. The only thing Leo is dependent on is the attention and applause of the others therefore he needs his space to show off. His desire for being put to a pedestal makes him a very ambitious person. His ambitiousness sometimes grows into megalomania. His sovereign manners and contagious joy of life work as kind of light for the others. Leo is the master of gestures of generosity and distinctive expression. Leo can enjoy luxury – he is built for it. His proudness sometimes grows into boast which makes his rampant ego quite sensitive, therefore it is quite easy to insult him. If he cannot develop his playful intuition he tends to be self-indulgent or even lazy. His charm lies in his self-confidence which he likes to show and in the fact that he lives his life as it was just a game. His life is a series of authoritative initiatives, desires and competition. With superhuman effort he captivates, organizes and creates passionately. This hustler subordinates his desires to a single goal, he dedicates all his sources to that and tirelessly follows it for whole years. He is so confident about his success that he usually attracts it unconsciously. In the worse case, Leo hates criticism and rejects any form of self-criticism at all. Leo may tend to brag and show off his might and power. For his life role he needs prestige and admiration therefore he likes to take the lead position where he can apply his leadership skills. He is usually full of energy and possesses strong will which enables him to overcome even the hardest obstacles.

Appearance: open proud glance, large green or blue eyes (often positioned close to each other), broad full and symmetrical figure, broad shoulders, strong bones, light eyebrows, thick light hair (often mane like), high forehead, noble gait, facial features resembling to a cat (valid mostly in case there is an ascendant, although each person reflects several elements from whole horoscope. Appearance may be significantly changed by the characteristics of the ascendant planet).

Body: heart, spine, cardiac muscle, muscles of the back.

Predispositions to diseases: heart problems and disorders, constriction of blood vessels, myelitis, blood disorders, spine deformities.

Professional dispositions: occupations in leading positions – CEO, board member, company director, manager, leader of a political party, religious leader, union leader; occupations connected with arts - director, conductor, actor, art gallery worker, artistic blacksmith, designer; jobs connected with luxury merchandise – jeweller, goldsmith, decoration shop owner; work with children – teacher, professor, tutor.

Fatal influence: The analogy of the 5th House of the individual horoscope – general influence on offspring, fun, speculations, sport, erotica, love relationships and the father's property.

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horoscopehoroscopehoroscope Carelessnes and nervousness will probably make the situation in transport or at work quite unpleasant. Danger of losing information (e.g. in your PC). The nervous system is unstable, try not to strain it.

horoscopehoroscopehoroscope The need to escape may reflect in the increased consumption of drugs and alcohol. The nervous and digestive systems are weakened. Try to indulge yourself in art, read a good book or visit an inspirational place.

horoscopehoroscopehoroscope The number of thefts and the amount of violence will increase with the strengthened lust for money. The tendency to gamble and behave in an eccentric way increases the possibility of accidents and injuries.

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