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Free Horoscope for the Year 2013

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Void of Course Moon

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Venus Retrograde

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Lunar Calendar for August 21, 2017 01:08

Mesačná fáza

Waning Crescent

28-day Moon, illuminated 1%

Last Full Moon: Aug 07, 2017 18:12 GMT
Next New Moon: Aug 21, 2017 18:31 GMT

The Moon passes into the next sign on Aug 21, 2017 20:15 GMT

The Moon is „Void of Course“ until Nov 11, 13:11

Applied timezone: GMT » change

The Moon is „Void of Course(until Nov 11, 13:11)

The events taking place during this period may easily get out of control, their course is vague, it's difficult to predict what's going to happen next and they often don't bring any results. From the astrological point of view, it's not very wise to undergo medical treatment, purchase or sell anything, move, sign agreements, marry, make new contacts, start important projects... On the contrary - it's recommended to rest, relax, meditate, do something routine or focus on spirituality or the activities during which we like to be ignored. » more

Waning Moon: excretion, energy output, using the strength, detoxication, fixing

This period is ideal for getting rid of harmful substances and detoxication of the organism. Drink a lot of tea or visit sauna. Massage especially the body parts represented by the astrological sign which the Moon is currently passing through.

Diets are particularly effective, because you are not putting on weight now. Hydrate your body sufficiently because it sweats and dries out. This time is good for washing and cleaning or surgery (healing period will be faster). If you have any wood to cut into pieces, it is better to do it now, otherwise bugs might attack it.

The Moon passes trough the Leo sign

Health: Heart, blood system and upper back muscles are currently more sensitive, therefore try not to strain your back at home or at work and try to avoid beverages or meals which negatively influence your blood pressure (e.g. coffee). Try not to get angry because it could cause you cardiovascular problems. If you have your hair cut while the Moon is passing through this sign it will get thicker (especially if you do it several times). Horsetail, St John's wort or valerian teas are good for treating high blood pressure. Rosmarinus, foxglove and hawthorn help to treat cardiovascular diseases.

Garden: It is recommended to plant cereals, grass and fruit and flower vegetables such as pepper, peas, bean, lentil or tomatoes, especially during the waxing Moon. These days are suitable for cultivation of the fruit trees and woody plants trimming. On the contrary, you had not better try to pull the weeds.

Moon phase time chart:

New Moon: Jul 23, 2017 09:47 GMT
First Quarter: Jul 30, 2017 15:23 GMT
Full Moon: Aug 07, 2017 18:12 GMT
Last Quarter: Aug 15, 2017 01:16 GMT
New Moon: Aug 21, 2017 18:31 GMT


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horoscopehoroscopehoroscope Improved resistance will lead to the increase in performance, especially in sophisticated projects. Great time for hiking, exercising, overcoming the obstacles and physical strain in general. The body should not get exhausted as much as usually.

horoscopehoroscopehoroscope Irritation, stress and carelessnes are increasing which may trigger frequent conflicts and injuries (e.g. traveling, sport). Try to exercise, the fats are burned quickly.

horoscopehoroscopehoroscope The increased joy of sport and the appetite for competition will improve the mood at sport events. Try exercising. The determination to fight for the noble ideas of the society is increased.

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