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Lunar Calendar for January 24, 2019 13:01

Mesačná fáza

Waning Gibbous

18-day Moon, illuminated 84%

Last Full Moon: Jan 21, 2019 05:17 GMT
Next New Moon: Feb 04, 2019 21:04 GMT

The Moon passes into the next sign on Jan 25, 2019 4:15 GMT

The Moon is „Void of Course“ until May 21, 15:05

Applied timezone: GMT » change

The Moon is „Void of Course(until May 21, 15:05)

The events taking place during this period may easily get out of control, their course is vague, it's difficult to predict what's going to happen next and they often don't bring any results. From the astrological point of view, it's not very wise to undergo medical treatment, purchase or sell anything, move, sign agreements, marry, make new contacts, start important projects... On the contrary - it's recommended to rest, relax, meditate, do something routine or focus on spirituality or the activities during which we like to be ignored. » more

Waning Moon: excretion, energy output, using the strength, detoxication, fixing

This period is ideal for getting rid of harmful substances and detoxication of the organism. Drink a lot of tea or visit sauna. Massage especially the body parts represented by the astrological sign which the Moon is currently passing through.

Diets are particularly effective, because you are not putting on weight now. Hydrate your body sufficiently because it sweats and dries out. This time is good for washing and cleaning or surgery (healing period will be faster). If you have any wood to cut into pieces, it is better to do it now, otherwise bugs might attack it.

The Moon passes trough the Virgo sign

Health: The digesting process, pancreas, intestines and the organs in the abdominal cavity are currently more sensitive, do not strain your body with junk food and have a few days' detoxication. Try to avoid stressful situations where you can experience nervousness because all the negative emotions currently have disturbing influence on the function of your inner organs. If you have been planning to change your hairstyle this is the right time (hair keeps its shape). Linseed helps against constipation and blueberries are good to stop diarrhea. Other intestine problems can be treated by chamomile tea or garlic.

Garden: This period is suitable for replanting plants or trees and planting root vegetables (e.g. carrot, parsley, onion, garlic, beetroot, radish...) or for setting up a composting pile. Underground pest control is more effective. Do not bottle or store anything because it will get moldy easily.

Moon phase time chart:

New Moon: Jan 06, 2019 01:29 GMT
First Quarter: Jan 14, 2019 06:46 GMT
Full Moon: Jan 21, 2019 05:17 GMT
Last Quarter: Jan 27, 2019 21:12 GMT
New Moon: Feb 04, 2019 21:04 GMT


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horoscopehoroscopehoroscope The society will feel like having some fun, therefore it is great time for organising meetings and parties. The people will be nicer and friendlier to each other which may help to make new contacts. Work morale and performance are decreasing, though.

horoscopehoroscopehoroscope The increased joy of sport and the appetite for competition will improve the mood at sport events. Try exercising. The determination to fight for the noble ideas of the society is increased.

horoscopehoroscopehoroscope Soft erotic vibrations make flirting and starting the love relationships easier. Great time for all the activities connecting grace and motion (e.g. dance, martial arts...) or the social activities.

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