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Void of Course Moon

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Lunar Calendar for July 3, 2020 18:07

Mesačná fáza

Waxing Gibbous

13-day Moon, illuminated 97%

Last New Moon: Jun 21, 2020 06:42 GMT
Next Full Moon: Jul 05, 2020 04:44 GMT

The Moon passes into the next sign on Jul 4, 2020 5:00 GMT

The Moon is „Void of Course“ until Jul 4, 04:07

Applied timezone: GMT » change

The Moon is „Void of Course(until Jul 4, 04:07)

The events taking place during this period may easily get out of control, their course is vague, it's difficult to predict what's going to happen next and they often don't bring any results. From the astrological point of view, it's not very wise to undergo medical treatment, purchase or sell anything, move, sign agreements, marry, make new contacts, start important projects... On the contrary - it's recommended to rest, relax, meditate, do something routine or focus on spirituality or the activities during which we like to be ignored. » more

Waxing Moon: receiving and storing new energy, gathering forces, building, growth

Vitamins and minerals affect the body in a more powerful way (they do not leave it as easily as usually) therefore you should afford more of them. You should rather relax and regenerate yourself (massages, exercise, meditation...).

Diets are usually not effective because the body tends to gain weight during this period. If you cut your hair now, it will grow faster. This is valid also for seeding the plants. The closer the moon is to become full, the worse the wounds heal, it is recommended not to undergo any surgery (except in urgent cases) or any dental treatment.

The Moon passes trough the Sagittarius sign

Health: Thighs, buttocks, hips and veins are currently more sensitive, go to nature or do a sport instead of sitting at home idly. Pay attention especially to blood circulation, take exercise or have a massage. Some organs are more sensitive to alcohol, do not drink too much. During the waxing Moon it is easy to put on weight therefore if you want to stay slim, you had better check your menu. Horse chestnut extract is used for treating venous system. A bath with a spoonful of dried ginger will help you to avoid sciatica.

Garden: It is recommended to plant vegetables such as tomatoes, pepper, peas, beans and lentil or plants that are supposed to grow into a particular height (e.g. hop, vines, trees). You can also trim, prune or fertilize woody plants, but you should not hoe your garden because weeds will grow quickly.

Moon phase time chart:

New Moon: Jun 21, 2020 06:42 GMT
First Quarter: Jun 28, 2020 08:16 GMT
Full Moon: Jul 05, 2020 04:44 GMT
Last Quarter: Jul 12, 2020 23:31 GMT
New Moon: Jul 20, 2020 17:33 GMT


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horoscopehoroscopehoroscope The need to escape may reflect in the increased consumption of drugs and alcohol. The nervous and digestive systems are weakened. Try to indulge yourself in art, read a good book or visit an inspirational place.

horoscopehoroscopehoroscope The liberal people and various reformators are lucky today. The world desperately needs progress and it is also more open to the new trends than usually. It is not a bad idea to have a small revolution in one's private life, too.

horoscopehoroscopehoroscope People are currently more alert and responsive which makes dealing with various matters more flexible. Try experimenting (especially in the spiritual and mental area), maybe you will experience a nice small surprise.

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