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Mercury Retrograde

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Free Horoscope for the Year 2013

What astrological constellations will affect us this year? » more

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 – The Hedonist

(April 21. – May 20.)

Characteristics: fixed feminine earth sign ruled by Venus. Taurus connects the stability of an earth sign, patience and pragmatism of the earth element with sensuality of the planet Venus. Taurus has a peaceful, sober nature with strong inclinations towards enjoying the pleasures of this world, often with obstinate and rigid attitudes.

Key words: GATHER, ENJOY

Temperament: slightly melancholic

Symbolic picture: soil

Zodiac phase: 2nd – concentrating

In humanistic astrology Taurus symbolises strengthening of the self-conscience through identification with the matter.

Complementary opposite sign: Scorpio

Relationships with other signs: Taurus is compatible with other earth signs – Virgo and Capricorn, he can establish a friendly relationship with Pisces and Cancer but there is tension between him and other fixed signs – Leo and Aquarius.

Nature: The sign of Taurus is characterised by patience, endurance, pragmatism and faithfulness. Taurus is usually grounded. He loves certainty and peace which is why he tries to avoid any risk or unverified practice. He reveres everything that has paid off in the past which naturally makes him inclined towards conservative attitudes. He often distrusts new and unknown things. Experiments scare him, he prefers the familiarity of a habit. Taurus' sense of ownership is strongly developed, he usually even cannot see the difference between property and a person. This sometimes results in his possessiveness or excessive jealousy when his significant other tries to get even a little bit more space. Actually, Taurus is very lazy but his materialistic instinct can force him into enormous performance when searching for some kind of profit. Unless there is any reward waiting for him, he seldom becomes fully motivated. The most difficult for him is to start, but as soon as he starts, nothing can stop him. Taurus is a gourmet – instinctual and usurping. He wants to swallow and gather everything – feelings, emotions, thoughts. The world is a feast to him, he enjoys it with his every pore. These sensual inclinations and intoxication with carnality expose his bon vivant nature. He has a tender sense for beauty and form which often connects with his creative skills, for example in arts. Taurus tends to cleave to his safety group, meaning mainly either his relatives or his nation. Taurus tries to be faithful and loyal to his partner which may lead to losing his own options while fanatically promoting the views of his partner. At this point it becomes extremely hard for him to escape his partner's influence. Cumbersomeness and inadaptability are his weaknesses. Taurus is strongly attached to his habits and prejudices and sometimes he withdraws into fruitless obstinacy and self-destructive sulkiness. Taurus is strongly addicted to his past, it takes him a long time to get rid of an impression. He is very stable either in his affection or aversion. He usually gives a peaceful and settled impression, but if someone makes him angry, he becomes dangerously explosive.

Appearance: large round (cow-like) eyes, friendly glance, thick wavy hair, sensual mouth and full lips, strong, often even fat fleshy figure, short neck, distinctive nape, wide nose, forehead and broad shoulders, dark (or even black) eyes and hair, reddish skin and clumsy movements (valid mostly in case there is an ascendant, although each person reflects several elements from whole horoscope).

Body: neck, nape, larynx, Adam's apple, glands, vocal cords, ears, shoulders, muscles of the neck.

Predispositions to diseases: tonsillitis, sore throat, neck problems, swallowing complications, constipation, cold, voice problems, illnesses connected with mouth.

Professional dispositions: all the occupations connected with earth and nature – agriculture, fruit growing, agronomy, breeding; occupations connected with construction - businessman, construction and civil engineering master, site manager, geodesist, architect, planner, real estate broker; jobs in gastronomy – cook, innkeeper; visual arts – painting, sculpting; all the professions connected with finance – banks, insurance companies, stock exchange.

Fatal influence: The analogy of the 2nd House of the individual horoscope – general influence on property, profit, winning (loss), values, physical and mental freedom.

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horoscopehoroscopehoroscope The people with unstable natures may be shaken by the intense emotions which may push the mood of the surroundings or cool down the atmosphere in family or another group. People are currently thoughtless in the interpersonal relationships. Do not let anyone manipulate you into anything.

horoscopehoroscopehoroscope Encouragement for all the psychical and spiritual areas – the attention should be focused this way. The society will behave in a more humanitarian and sensitive way, try visiting some inspiring places or people.

horoscopehoroscopehoroscope Many people will behave in a thoughtless way regarding the interpersonal relationships, they may also incline to rather radical attitudes. The leading characters may feel the urge to manipulate the others. Rise of extremism worldwide.

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