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Horoscope for December 21st 2012

Or Is It The End of The World Coming?

You have probably noticed the craze about the December 21st 2012. According to various hypotheses, some kind of an important twist in the history of the humanity should come on this day. Some say it is the end of the world, others are rather careful about their forecasts and claim there will be happen something of key importance which will change the whole world. Why is this date so interesting? Firstly we should mention that the Mayan Calendar, which is considered to be one of the most exact and valued calendars ever, ends on this day. According to the prophecies, approximately on this day, Earth will collide with a yet unknown planet called Nibiru, which should cause extensive climatic changes on the whole Earth. If we leave out Nostradamus and his forecasts, which are quite difficult to decipher (although some researchers are trying to match his verses with this date), still we have several sources claiming that 2012 is the year which will bring some kind of a fatal twist for the humanity (e.g. the I-Ching book). Since I am more familiar with Astrology, I will try to explain you what kind of interesting events will take place during this period from the astrological point of view. I have noticed especially the two unusual constellations or the astrological events which are undoubtedly worth more close examination.

1. Transition Into the Age of Aquarius or Taurus?

Probably everyone has heard that we are heading to the age of Aquarius, or we have already entered it. Not many people know how this theory originated and how we know the ages are changing and when, though. I have to warn you, there are several opinions on this matter. This idea was created and popularised by the Theosophical society represented by Rudolf Steiner. At the transition point between the 19th and 20th Century, they publicly claimed we were approaching the end of an era (the Age of Pisces) and the beginning of another one (the Age of Aquarius). They did not know where exactly the change of the Ages would actually take places. The problem is that this whole theory is based on a imaginary transition of the Spring Point (the intersection of the ecliptic and the tropic) though the constellations, but we do not exactly know where is the beginning (the 0th point of the constellation Aries), because their borders are very misty, we could even say they are abstract. Therefore, we need to choose a star in the sky which will represent the beginning of the whole Zodiac. This is the point of disagreement among the astrologers. For example, the old Sidereal school lead by Cyril Fagan determined Aldebaran to be the main timekeeping star. According to their calculations, the age of Aquarius will not come until 2369. In the Indian Astrology, the star Spica was said to be the one and so we can go on and on... But all these astrologers forget about one important fact – the whole tropical (western) Astrology is based not on the constellations, but on the zodiac signs which do not match the constellations (at least from the first known nestor of Astrology, Claudius Ptolematios). The difference is that the beginnings of the signs are determined exactly into the Spring Point (the 0th degree of Aries), while the borders of the constellations are not determined exactly, moreover, because of the precession of the Spring Point, the constellations are shifted for almost 25°. If we decided to believe the Theory of the Ages, still we have to count on the fact that the age of Aquarius cannot and will not bear the characteristics of this sign. A Czech astrologer Milan Špůrek decided to start from another point. He presented a logical solution based on the fact, that if the characteristics of the signs are to be valid for the whole ages, the Sidereal Zodiac (the constellations) must revolve forward inside an imaginary tropical Zodiac (the signs of the Zodiac) exactly like the Sun, the Moon and all the other elements in the horoscope, not the other way around as the age of Aquarius supporters claim. Now he had to determine the star from which he could derive the initial point of the whole system. After thorough examination of several stars, Špůrek decided to choose a fixed star called Regulus, located in the heart of the constellation Leo. He had more than one reason to do so. Firstly, it was the name od the star which means a „small king“. In the Antique the star used to be called by its latin name „Stella Regina“ (the controlling, ruling star) and for the ancient Persians, it was one of the four timekeeping stars whic represented the summer solstice. Another important factor was that the star is located almost on the ecliptic - the imaginary path of the Earth which revolves around the Sun, which is of the key importance in determining the location of the rest of the planets and other elements of the horoscope. The most of the remaining stars are located out of the ecliptic mentioned. Last but not least, Špůrek based this theory also on his own empirical research. He came to the conclusion that the important historical turning points in the political and culture history of the humanity match with the microages derived from the system where Regulus is the main, determining star. To calculate the beginning of the Sidereal Zodiac (the Alpha point from which the constellation Aries starts) we have to subtract 120° from the coordinates of Regulus. It means that in this system the signs of the Tropic Zodiac matched the sidereal (stellar) zodiac in 131 BC which was the beginning of the Age of Aries. The Alpha point is currently located at the end of this sign and in Deceber 2012, it will transit into the next one – the Age of Taurus will come. The aim of the most naturalistic earth sign in Astrology is to teach us to be considerate and improve our economic skills (in humanistic astrology Taurus represents the phase of „concentration“) . If we consider our probable course in the following centuries, we are going to run out of the non-renewable resources in a reatively short time. The return to the nature and the concentration on Ecology will become the dominant topic of the upcoming age. We cannot forget the fact that Taurus is ruled by the magnetic Venus which should enable the feminity (and the women) to gain more power in the world. In the worse case, it may lead to increase in the materialism and sensual satisfaction instead of seeking the new values which would otherwise be triggered by the sign of Taurus.

2012 - Regulus

2. The God's Finger Or the Dilemma Which Way to Choose

In April, 1949 along with the establishment of NATO, the world began to split into halves: the capitalist one and the communist one. At that time a strange constellation between Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter appeared in the sky. It was called the God's Finger or the „YOD“. If this constellation is created by the collective or the transcendental planets (in this case) it is not an everyday event. This configuration is said to reorganise and renew the principles which the planets involved represent. For example, Jupiter represents the principle of growth, expansion and knowledge. Which means that on the lower level, it is directly connected with the economy and on the higher level with the general worldview and the asbtract thinking (the ideals). Since Jupiter was in the sign of Capricorn, which is a synonym for a state and all the fixed structures and rules which keep the society together, its focal position showed us which areas were under the pressure to reorganise and reorient (the God's Finger) of the worldview and the economical points of view (Jupiter) on the contemporary fixed systems of the world population (Capricorn). This renewal and transformation could possibly go only two directions determined by the remaining two objects of the planetary constellation called the God's Finger. On one side there was Uranus (the planet of freedom and individualism) whose characteristics is quite close to the ideas of capitalism, on the other side there was Saturn (the planet of restriction and discipline) whose harsh laws resemble the strict communist regimes. Why did I mention this constellation from 1949? The answer is quite simple. On December,21th 2012 we will see exactly the same planetary constellation in the sky (the God's Finger, YOD), only Uranus will be substituted by Pluto. But Saturn and the focal planet – Jupiter will take the same place in this constellation again. The difference is in their position in the Zodiac. Since the most important planet is always on the top of the constellation, in this case it will be Jupiter in the sign of Gemini (in 1949 it was in the sign of Capricorn) – which is why this planet is important for us. As we already mentioned before, Jupiter represents the principle of growth, expansion and knowledge, while the sign of Gemini is connected with communication, information, concrete thinking, getting closer to each other and in a sense, also the science and education. The pressure on the renewal and the reorientation will be once more focused on the worldview, ideals, mutual communication among the subjects and on the lower level, also the economy. This change may start in the people's minds, maybe through an important new invention or a discovery of some essential information concerning the life on the Earth or in the space. There can also be two possible courses to choose from, represented by the remaining two planets of the constellation. Saturn represents the old traditional values and sticking to the old rituals while Pluto is a synonym for the radical reform and transformation. If there appears an important information which may reorient the people's minds, the humanity can divide into two camps like in 1949 when the countries had the chance which side to choose. It did not happen in one day, but it was rather a long-term process which may be the case this time too. We should also remember that taking only one constellation out of the context is a nonsense, therefore we should take into consideration also the rest of the configurations and the general structure of the horoscope for December 21st 2012.

Either way, what happens on December 21st 2012 we will find only when the day comes. We do not really expect anything like the end of the world or a similar catastrophe, these disturbing information is probably another propaganda invented and meant for the sensationalist people. The end of the world was to come several times and nothing ever happened. And by the way, the God's Finger or the Changing of the Ages is not going to take place for the first time.

The constellations on April 4th, 1949 - the establishment of NATO The constellations on December 21st 2012


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