July 28, 2021
Moon in Pisces
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 - The Warrior

(March 21. – April 20.)

Characteristics: cardinal masculine fiery sign ruled by Mars. Aries connects entrepreneurship of the cardinal sign, spirit and impulsiveness of the fiery element with courage or energy of the planet Mars. Aries has dynamic, wild and active nature, a soul of a warrior and strong desire to win recognition.

Key words: EXIST, BE

Temperament: choleric

Symbolic picture: a flash of lightning, a spark

Zodiac phase: 1st – subjective being

In humanistic astrology Aries represents the original creative impulse which triggers the formation of individual conscience (Aries) out of the collective unconscious (represented by Pisces).

Complementary opposite sign: Libra

Relationships with other signs: Aries is compatible with other fiery signs – Leo and Sagittarius, he can establish a friendly relationship with Aquarius and Gemini but there is tension between him and other cardinal signs – Cancer and Capricorn.

Nature: Aries is an instinctual person, full of wildness and energy. He is courageous and spontaneous, his need for independence often leads him to even undisciplined behaviour. He does not take possible obstacles into consideration because he is overly confident about his success. When he finds something restricted or forbidden he immediately wants to break it or roll it over rather in order to destroy the obstacle than to claim it for himself. He never beats around the bush, he always speaks straight to the point. He would rather smash his head against the wall than to search for an exit. His psyche is focused on the present moment and his life is a series of short violent impulses, it is some kind of race, exhausting escape forwards. His untameable constitution enables him to easily regain his strength but at some point he may experience a nervous breakdown caused by his intense emotional explosions. This youthful enthusiast is precognitive and objective. Anger and generosity connect in his exalted, warm and naive heart. This mix of boldness, warmth and pure innocence searches for immediate goals connected rather with a feeling than with a plan. Aries is a passionate highroller, he loves all forms of risk and adventure. The need for action keeps him in constant agitation. But above all, he is a skilful warrior able to mobilise all his strength when it comes to a fight. Sometimes he is overly open and candid, because he is not very good at diplomacy. But one always knows what is going on between him and Aries. The most important activity for Aries people is the development of their Ego, asserting their rights and capturing the world which is why they may be considered one of the most egocentric people. They are characterised by activity, initiative, decisiveness, nobility, dynamics but on the other hand, they are also snappish, impatient, harsh and arrogant. Aries people are considered to be tireless pioneers, warmly and carelessly open at the same time. They keep something appealingly young inside them even in their old age. The contagious, unspoilt optimism of Aries and his merry vitality may help the others to find new life energy. Aries usually proceeds quite inconsiderately in his life, experiencing difficulties resulting from his hastiness. He wants everything immediately. He acts without thinking and often does not finish what he has started. He sees the world in his own way which is why he may makes a lot of enemies. People born under the sign of Aries sometimes incline to knightly behaviour.

Appearance: sharp, quick glance, muscular slim medium tall figure, long neck, wide forehead, strong limbs, thick straight hairy eyebrows, sandy moustache, nut-brown or light blue eyes, thick (sometimes curly) hair, distinctive features, dark or reddish skin, violent movements, decisive walk, often has a birthmark on his face (valid mostly in case there is an ascendant, although each person reflects several elements from whole horoscope).

Body: head, face, skull, muscles of the head and face, eyes, cerebrum, nerves of the head.

Predispositions to diseases: headache, migraine, head injuries, sleep or brain disorders, nervousness, short-sightedness, hearing disorders, baldness, stroke.

Professional dispositions: all occupations connected with Mars symbolism (iron, fire, blood) such as steel industry and metallurgy – engineer, surgeon, butcher, blacksmith, firefighter; occupations requiring significant physical activity – athletic trainer, sportsman, operator, stuntman; jobs connected with transport or requiring leadership skills – manager, businessman; jobs requiring ability, attack or defence skills, for example in the army or the police; the occupations connected with arts – mainly actor or any work in the film industry.

Fatal influence: the analogy of the 1st House of the individual horoscope – general influence on body, character, temperament and the life course.

Famous personalities: Jean Paul Belmondo, Terence Hill, Claudia Cardinale, Christophe Lambert, Russell Crowe, Patricia Arquette, Marlon Brando, Richard Chamberlain, Gregory Peck, Steven Seagal, Émile Zola, Charles Baudelaire, Paul Verlaine, Francesco Goya, Josef Haydn, René Descartes, Helmut Kohl, David Blaine

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