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Horoscope for the Year 2013

Generally, in the year 2013 the tense constellations of Pluto and Uranus from the previous year will continue to influence the people born under the cardinal signs (Aries, Capricorn and a little bit less Cancer and Libra). (On one hand, it can be quite a demanding year which will bring lots of unexpected changes, but on the other hand, it may bring purification from the relationships which don't work anymore and various restricting connections.) However, these tense constellations will be continually getting weaker. Since Saturn has recently left Libra and entered Scorpio, the constellations mentioned will influence the individuals born at the border of the first and the second decade of these signs, or the signs which posses other important astrological elements during that particular period.

The biggest relief will be experienced by Cancer (especially in the second half of the year) and Libra (especially in the first half of the year). It will be caused by the position of Jupiter which will pass the air sign of Gemini during the initial months of the year. For the triad of the air signs (Gemini, Aquiarius, Libra) it may be good time for self-realization and personal development.

Approximately in the middle of the year 2013, Jupiter will enter Cancer which may be quite refreshing for the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) as well as for Taurus and Virgo. As we have mentioned before, Saturn will be in Scorpio which may slow down and restrict mainly those born in the first decade of this sign (or at the border of 1st and 2nd decade) as well as Virgo, Leo and Taurus.

For more detailed information, check your Daily Horoscope (or Yearly Horoscope) at our website. If you want to know how the constellations will influence the whole society, check the Aspect of the Moment Horoscope which deals with the influence of the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars).

January 2013

In January 2013 Saturn will reside in Scorpio – the sign of intense and deep connections. Apart from Libra, it's not enough for Scorpio to just discuss the common energy, it requires us to share and feel it deeply. The upcoming period will test our intense connections and the sources (energies) of the people with whom we try to share them. The areas influenced will range from sex, loans, taxes, heritage and secret (political or spiritual) groups to occultism. Saturn symbolizes concentration, maturity and deepening of the sense of responsibility. If once we were careless or superficial in those areas, now we'll be forced to learn how to manage the energies (sources) obtained from other people. In this month Saturn will create a positive constellation with Pluto which may release transformation powers and change the old structures, laws and norms. The aim of this planetary connection is to teach us how not depend on false assurances. Jupiter will be retrograde (fictional regression) which will strengthen individual and untraditional solutions of religious, philosophical or financial questions. People will prefer their own truth from the truths offered by various groups, sects and associations.

February 2013

From February 2013 (until May) the aspect between Saturn and Pluto will be active. Jupiter and Neptune will be joined in a tense connection which may signalize danger of epidemies and infections or peculiar ideals. People will tend to succumb to false visions of gaining money easily and other false hopes. The aim of this constellation is to bring people back to social conscience and stop them from serving false gods. However, Jupiter will create one more (and this time harmonical) aspect with Uranus. This connection should bring liberalism, progress as well as desire for freedom and exploring new horizons. People should decide where to look for new possibilities and what to do to be happy. This particular constellation should bring people to liberalisation of their opinions and tolerance. The chance that something important will be invented or found out rises. Thanks to retrograde Mercury (fictional regression, starts on February 2) the information exchange, communication and learning may take place on the inner levels. The thinking of the society may also focus inside itself and even go against the standards.

March 2013

The constellations from the previous month will continue in March 2013 (Saturn sextile Pluto, Jupiter sextile Uranus). Mercury will no longer be retrograde and it will start to move forward again (March 17). On the other hand, Saturn will turn around and from the geocentrical point of view, it will start to recede. Retrograde Saturn may make us want to tidy up inside ourselves which may oppose the usual social influences of this planet. One's own rules may start rubbing against the social restrictions. Another important event will be the comeback of a planetary configuration called the Finger of God (double quincunx, YOD) which already appeared in December 2012. This constellation may bring a form of self-reflection, positive transformation or reorganization of principles represented by Jupiter in Gemini. The areas which will be affected are media, science, educational system and the general way of thinking of the society. We may be forced to choose between the old and familiar (Saturn) and a radical change or even a revolution (Pluto). Interestingly, there will be absolute prevalence of the water element (sometimes even 6 planets in the water signs) several times during this year. The water element is connected with emotions, sensitivity and empathy. The humanity will probably be more sensitive towards the socially disadvantaged or hidden dimensions of being.

April 2013

In April 2013 the positive connection of Saturn and Pluto from the previous month will continue. After a break the tense connection between Uranus and Pluto will began to strengthen again. This constellation took place in 1932-1934 and then again 2 years ago. From the astrological point of view, it's said to be responsible for the financial crisis and the painful world events in the recent years. Since two rebels and subversives meet here, we can expect great changes in dictatorships and similar regimes which are based on fanatism. The pursuit of power may lead to supression of individual needs, freedom and diversity. During this period inventions and discoveries may be abused and the activity of terrorists, religious fanatics and gangland may increase. In this month (April 25) a partial eclipse of the Moon in Taurus will take place. Such an event is attributed with attenuation of the lunar (female) principles by the astrologers. It means that the mankind will focus on the future and the individuals (their egoes), new impulses and the desire for self-realization. The consequences may be tragicomical. This influence will be notable especially in the places where the eclipse will be observable.

May 2013

Apart from the tense connection between Uranus and Pluto which we have mentioned before, Saturn and Neptune will create a harmonical aspect in May 2013. It will provide a more realistic view of various ideas, dreams and imaginations which are otherwise hard to grasp. This influence may temporarily refine or block the strict features of Saturn (i.e. for the socially disadvantaged groups) – the planet which rules the laws and norms in our society. The castles in the air which some collectives may have created will be suddenly seen in a more realistic way thus more possible to become reality. The earth element will gain strength during these days too (6 planets), thanks to the influence of Taurus. The prevalence of this sign in the current horoscopes may increase pragmatism and make the mankind focus on the environmental issues, resource extraction, economics and ecology. This influence will be even strengthened by the eclipse of the Sun (May 10). The Moon will be in Scorpio, symbolically swallowing the Sun, which may lead to a comeback to the obsolete common values and ways of property division or forgotten debts and loans.

June 2013

In June 2013 the connection of Saturn and Neptune will continue as well as the connection between Uranus and Pluto, but the transition of Jupiter from Gemini to Cancer (June 26) is an important change. The society may expect slow transition of attention from dialogues, communication, learning and scientific thinking represented by Gemini to family and its history, home, way of living, property and maternal life. In general, the manking will have to switch from negotiation and non-commital information exploitation to some kind of deeper relationships or to the interruption of contacts (a turning point). This constellation is great for development of traditional family values in the world, increasing natality and improve care about the weak individuals (mainly children). In fact, it's an impulse to establish bases for many areas of human activity and build shelters in which further development can take place. Many people will get a chance to repair broken family relationships. This influence is good for agrotourism, archeology, history, traditions, construction industry, architecture, real estates and restaurants (mainly people born under the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will notice it). The mankind may make some kind of a discovery about its ancient physical and spiritual origin. Another important event which will take place during this period will be retrograde Mercury (fictional regression, start on June 26). It may cause information exchange, communication and exploring the outer world to slow down a bit. The universe wants us to focus these functions inside ourselves. The thinking of the society will take place on the inner levels and may even go against the standards.

July 2013

During July 2013 Mercury will be retrograde (until July 20) which will cause the communication and rational skills turn inside itself and deal with the inner affairs. What's more, on some days no planets will reside within the air element, which also ifluences communication, cooperation, rationality and clear thinking. The events which will take place during these days (mainly conflicts and provocations) may bear signs of clumsiness, irraionality, oversensitivity and bring lots of misunderstanding. Emotions will prevail (water) over ratio and intellect (air), but there are pros and cons to everything. The pros will be for example that people will feel romantic, loving and emotional and lots of them may experience a summer of love. People will be more thoughtful and kind to one another. The cons will be too much irrationality and stupidity leading to complications in communication and diplomacy. Anyway, this month seems to be the best one this year, as Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune will join each other in a harmonical planetary configuration called the “Grand Trigon”. This constellation has power to make fantasies and ideals (Neptune) bloom (Jupiter) and become real (Saturn). Many courageous ideas and plans (especially those connected with emotions, arts, charity, humanism and social issues) may turn out well on various levels. The revolutionary aspect between Uranus and Pluto will continue.

August 2013

In August 2013, Grand Trigon will be replaced by a tense semi-square among Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in the cardinal signs. On one hand, this constellation is very dynamic and may lead to many changes concerning mainly ideological, educational and economical systems but on the other hand, it can also increase lust for power (godfathers, the new-rich, gangsters, dictators...) and influence the desire for conquering of new lands. This planetary connection will support rebels, revolutionary people and religious fanatics... The aim of this constellation is to teach the mankind to be more tolerant and independent from the opinions of various organizations and not to succumb to extremes and megalomania. The aspect of Saturn and Neptune will continue providing dreams and ideals with more realistic contours. The harmonical connection of Jupiter with the Moon knots is a promise of fertility, bloom and cooperation in the area of contacts and relationships.

September 2013

In the beginning of September 2013 the semi-square between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in the cardinal signs will still be in action. World development may be dynamic and many changes will take place. This constellation will be supported by a positive connection of Saturn and Pluto which may supress the radical effects of the semi-square as well as help to formulate and critically supervise the transformational processes during this period. This constellation should help the society to recognize what is really reliable in times of crisis and how to manage the power. It's very important to remember that sometimes less is more. This influence also reduces uselessness and the Ruler of Time (and thus the Past) will acquire exceptional power. Saturn's transition through the Moon Knots may indicate that making contacts and establishing of cooperation may be influenced by increased carefulness and certain aloofness.

October 2013

In October 2013 some of the constellations from the previous month will continue, mainly the revolutionary and progressive connection of Uranus and Pluto, and the restrictive connection between Saturn and Pluto which will keep the destructive powers of the collective unconsciousness at bay, or even punish their manifestations. Last but not least, the transition of Saturn through the Moon Knots will keep echoeing which may slow down the process of making new conacts. In this month a half-shade lunar eclipse will take place in Libra (October, 18). Such an event is attributed with attenuation of the lunar (female) principles by the astrologers. It means that the mankind will focus on the future and the individuals (their egoes), new impulses and the desire for self-realization. The consequences may be tragicomical. This influence will be notable especially in the places where the eclipse will be observable. On October 21 Mercury will become retrograde (fictional regression) which may cause information exchange, communication or exploring of the outer world to slow down. The universe wants us to focus these functions inside ourselves. The thinking of the society will take place on the inner levels and may even go against the standards. During some days of this month 6 planets will reside in water signs, which will emphasize emotionality.

November 2013

In November 2013 the revolutionary and progressive connection between Uranus and Pluto will continue as well as the retrograde Mercury, which will start to move forward again on November, 11. A harmonical aspect between Jupiter and Saturn will apear too, keeping the expansion and demand at bay thus making them practical and useful. This is the “constellation of the golden mean”, moderation (it may slow down the effect of the rather wild Uranus/Pluto connection) and safe slow growth and development (it's good to rely on the traditions during this period). The economical, religious and educational structures should use this influence to stabilize themselves by looking for individual and rather non-standard solutions to their problems. Jupiters turns retrograde on November 7 (fictional regression) and starts to focus the attention inside or another individual direction. We may also expect people to prefer their own inner truth from the truths offered by various groups, sects and societies. In the beginning of this month (November 3) there will be a hybrid eclipse of the Sun in Scorpio which may result in a temporary victory of the past over the present which will strengthen the outdated traditional ideas and attitudes. The fact that the Moon will be in Taurus while covering the Sun may indicate a return to the old-fashioned values, obsolete economical thinking or negative material influences. What's more, this whole period may be perceived in quite an emotional way, since 6 planets will be residing in water signs.

December 2013

In December 2013 the dynamic aspect between Uranus and Pluto will continue as well as the consolidating relationship between Jupiter and Saturn. During the whole month Jupiter will be retrograde, thus the whole constellation will have very similar influence as it did during the previous month. The economical, educational and religious structures will get a chance to stabilize and develop slowly and safely. The methods to achieve these goals should be individual, non-standard and focused inside. Secondly, Neptune will create a harmonical connection with the Moon Knots which may mean that the intuition or some kind of unknown power will help us with making new contacts which may be quite uplifting in the spiritual area. This connection positively influences cooperation and social activities in humanitary or spiritual area. Right on the day of the winter solstice (December 12) Venus will become retrograde (fictional regression) which will force the humanity to focus its emotions, perception and social activities inside. The main aim of this constellation is to help people free themelves from the common values (or an archetype of love) and let them find their own individual values and forms of love. The probability of demonstrations, manifestations of resistance or support of untraditional relationships increases. The world will be confronted with the fact that people can actually experience love in very individual ways. Also their sets of values differ from one to another. It could turn into an impulse for the creation of untraditional artistic pieces or even new movements. Many people will feel misunderstood by the society which will cause them to shy away.

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